Chattanooga has increasingly been recognized around the nation in top  publications for a plethora of accomplishments. These accolades include being top in lists of great places to live, remarks about Chattanooga's consistently strong economy, and the beautiful scenery and great hospitality.

Not too small and not too big, Chattanooga is really the undiscovered gem of Tennessee.

The New York Times

Chattanooga just keeps getting better and better. Ditch your car, and discover new surprises around every bend...Chattanooga is the great little city that could...The transformation has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Southern Living magazine


Chattanooga is No. 3 on a list of affordable American cities.

Chattanooga still booms during economic slowdown.

Christian Science Monitor

msn money

MSN Money "calls Chattanooga a new hot retirement spot."

cbs early show

CBS News Early Show "salutes Chattanooga as Eco-Friendly Destination."